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How your small business would benefit from a time lock safe
2022年11月23日 11:44:40

How your small business would benefit from a time lock safe

A time lock safe is maybe just what your business needs. Crime prevention has been around since the 1960’s and since this time all aspects of physical security has exploded world wide. Everyday you hear on the news that more and more crimes are taking place, not just physical loss such as theft, burglary, damage to property.. On top of this, the digital age we live in has created a new type of criminal, the cyber attack thief out there lying to steal your identity, money or property. All these types of criminals leave people and companies with severe losses on damage bills which could easily be avoided if we all take people security cautiously. Depending on your type of business, this will determine the level of security you need and your security arrangement you have in place such as security alarm, high security locks, CCTV monitors, high security safes and other advanced security technology will need to be expanded on as your business grows and never forget to protect your cyber security.To get more news about commercial safe locks, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

If you take your security at business or home seriously and implement security products into your residence or work place, the threat and risk of a thief targeting your premises is greatly reduced. A time lock safe can help secure your office items such as cash, valuables and important documentaries from theft.
How a time lock safe (also known as time delay safe) operate?
The basic function of time lock safes is to manage the safe lock on a time locking and multiple user operation allowing specific times, days and personnel to access the time lock safe. The time locking digital key pad is installed on the place of your safes communication dial lock or key lock and then the time delay lock can be custom programmed to meet your companies security requirements.

There are many types and functions of time lock safes to choose from. Some of the main options are as set out below, and are widely used by businesses including Bank Safes, high security vaults, commercial safes, jewelry safes, drug safes, Automatic teller machine (ATM), cash in transit operations, Government containers or cabinets, gun safes or rifle safes.

The time lock safes such as a Kaba LG master, Kaba LA Gard Auditcon 2, Kaba LA Gard Combogard pro, Kaba LA Gard Auditgard, Kaba LA Gard Smartpoint, Kaba LA Gard Questor, or Kaba LA Gard Axessor and Kaba LA Gard Paxos.
Let us explain in more details on the functions of time lock safes such as the Kaba La Gard secure entry level electronic safe and ATM lock, providing full electronic security including it allows 2 uses, both user one and user two, but the primary user can control the safe lock, lock out or delete the second user as required. Kaba La gard Basic has a wrong penalty function which means that attempting to guess the combination more than 4 times will render the lock inactive for a period of 5 minutes. This electronic safe lock key pad gives audio and visual signal for ease of use and the codes are easily and quickly changed, therefore do not require a locksmith. The batteries used in the control key pad that input on the safes does so this allows easy changeover.

The Combogard is a full featured perfect for cash businesses sequencing time delay safe locking or anti holding protection on time locking safes requirements which has proven to be an effective deterrent against theft. The Kaba La Gard combogard Pro electronic digital key pad is an easy to use push button operation with a standard 6 digit combination. This allows for 1,000,000 possible pin code changes on the keypad can be adapted for up to 9 digits pin combination and the Combogard pro time delay safe key pad has a wrong penalty lock out function which will render the lock inactive for a period of 5 minutes if anyone attempts to guess the combination more than 4 times.

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