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LA to donate surplus LAPD ballistic helmets, vests to Ukraine
2022年11月23日 12:23:44

LA to donate surplus LAPD ballistic helmets, vests to Ukraine

The Los Angeles City Council Friday approved the donation of surplus police department ballistic helmets and vests to a foundation that will deliver the equipment to Ukraine for its army to use in defense against Russia.To get more news about bulletproof level 4, you can visit bulletproofboxs.com official website.

The 526 helmets and 378 vests will be donated to the First-In Fire Foundation, which will be responsible for the shipment and delivery to Ukraine. The department said the items are prepared in pallets and ready for immediate shipping.

"The equipment has no value to the LAPD," Chief Michel Moore wrote in a letter to the Los Angeles Police Commission, which also approved the donation. The equipment was going to be destroyed after exceeding the manufacturer's five-year warranty.

Moore added that Mayor Eric Garcetti "is aware of this donation and fully supports the transfer of the equipment to aid the Ukrainian people."
Riding high on the success of its biggest helmet order of nearly Rs 180 crore from Indian Army, the Kanpur-based company is also hopeful of grabbing orders for currently under-process 44,000 night-vision devices and bullet-proof jackets.

Talking to ET, MKU Managing Director Neeraj Gupta said, "Head is the most vulnerable part of the body to get injured in a combat operation. According to studies, 26 per cent to 28 per cent of soldiers die because of head injuries.”

“In addition to the current 1.6 lakh order, we hope to deliver over 7 lakh helmets to Indian Army and overall one million helmets to different Indian armed forces,” Gupta said.

MKU manufactures a wide range of military products including bullet-proof helmets, body armours, bullet-proof jackets and night-vision devices. The 30-year old company calls itself one of the biggest arms exporters in India. It claims to supply military equipment to more than 100 countries. It has a manufacturing and testing facility in Germany, in addition to three units in Kanpur and Fatehpur districts of Uttar Pradesh.

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