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The best electric bikes 2022: top ebikes reviewed and rated
2022年11月28日 10:32:37

Whizzing down a hill with the wind in your hair is what makes the climb worthwhile. But why tire your thighs when you can ascend with electrical assistance? The best electric bikes offer freewheeling fun with less sweaty pedalling.To get more news about ebike for sale, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

And if you’re looking for a two-wheeled steed to get you from A to B with a boost, this is the list you need. From city whizzers to trail blazers, we’ve tested all of the top battery-powered bicycles – enduring the saddle sores and dodgy lycra so you don’t have to.Whether you want an effortless everyday commute or a wilder ride through the woods, you’ll find your ideal e-bike below. But power doesn’t protect you from heckling, so zoom past a peloton at your own peril.

Chunky 50mm tyres, slightly swooped bars and an upright riding position make the VanMoof S3 one of the comfiest bikes to ride – whether you’re crushing the commute or cruising beside a canal. At 19kg, it’s not exactly lightweight, but four levels of power make up for the battery’s added bulk.

Achieving the claimed 90-mile range would be tricky with partial assistance, but a sweat-free 30 is easily manageable. Crucially, it rides like a normal city bike, with an upright position and easy stability. Yet if you’re running late, you can jam the boost button for a rapid getaway when the light goes green.

Distinctively minimalist, the S3 certainly turns heads. Lights are neatly integrated into either the cylindrical top tube, while an LED dot display gives subtle status updates. Yet despite its understated looks, the S3 harbours plenty of tech to protect itself: the rear wheel locks with a kick, while tampering will activate an on-board alarm. The app also offers location-tracking and remote locking.
With a former McLaren designer behind the brand, it’s little wonder that GoCycle’s pricey foldaway looks like nothing else on the road. And if you strip back the fourth iteration, you’ll find two key improvements: carbon-fibre forks and a torquier motor. Stumping up for this ‘i’ version also bags you a bigger battery, glitzy LED dash, front light bar and electronic shifting.

Acceleration from the 250W powertrain is instantaneous. It’s unnervingly silent as well, with no electrical whirring to speak of. Which means you can stealthily speed past fellow pedallers. The ride is incredibly smooth, too. Slicker tyres roll easy without sacrificing asphalt grip, even if they stop for you from tackling surfaces rougher than a well-laid gravel track.

GoCycle reckons you’ll need just 10 seconds to fold the G4i, a number that’s entirely achievable with a bit of practice. Four light modes assist with visibility during the day, with the dash display helpfully indicating which mode you’re in. GoCycle now bundles mudguards and night lights as standard – which is good, given the eye-watering price.
This Ribble is no riddle. A more affordable alternative to many of the bank-breaking ebikes in this list, it focuses on nailing the basics, without faffing with fancy extras. So there’s no suspension, no integrated computer, no lights and no extra controls: it’s a one-button operator, and all the better for it. Even the partner app isn’t strictly necessary.

This approach is reflected in how fun the Ribble is to ride without assistance. Despite its sporty stance, the AL e is a real easy rider, offering a smooth and stable feel on the road. If the way isn’t steep, you shouldn’t struggle to pedal without power. And it’s even more of a breeze with the assistance gently boosting you.

Switching between power levels takes a little practice with the single button. You’ll also need to familiarise yourself with the LED colour coding of each function to understand remaining battery life. But once you’ve got the hang, this versatile steed proves itself a fantastically accessible all-rounder.

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