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The Best Bike Locks for Keeping Your Wheels Safe
2022年11月28日 10:46:11

In this busy world, a lot can happen in a minute. You can order a coffee, send a tweet, check your email—or lose your unlocked bike to an unscrupulous thief, who will post it on Craigslist in a neighboring city for pennies on the dollar. Unless you’re extremely lucky, chances are your bike is gone forever; thieves are working quicker than ever right now to move bikes online. According to The New York Times, bike thefts rose almost 30 percent in New York City during the first six months of the pandemic, likely motivated by increased demand and international shortages that have been plaguing the bike industry since 2020.To get more news about ebike lock, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

There is good news though: Most bike thefts are crimes of opportunity and easily thwarted by securing your bike more thoroughly than the one next to it. Read on to see which one of the 10 best bike locks I recommend might work best for you.
Just about any bike lock can be defeated in five minutes with the right tools and a little experience. However, hardened steel locks or bike chain locks will require an angle grinder, which is loud and obvious. Thieves are more likely to quickly and quietly snip through less expensive cable locks with bolt cutters. Your locking location and duration should dictate how much security you actually need.

Places where bikes are locked all day, like big cities and college campuses where bike thefts are common, require more security. And if you’re locking a bike up outside overnight, there’s no such thing as overkill—using multiple locks that each require different tools to defeat is a good strategy. Here are the four basic types, from least to most secure
Can My Bike Lock Be Picked?
Just as all bike locks are vulnerable to being cut, the actual locking mechanisms can also be “picked.” Although, according to competitive lock picker Schuyler Towne, most modern bike locks can’t be picked by an amateur. Locks with disc detainer cores, using a stack of notched discs that rotate, are among the most difficult to pick. Slider locks that use laser cut keys with channels on the flat sides can also be very secure: “The more cuts on the key, the more secure it is,” Towne says. Common in most residential entry locks, pin tumbler locks can sometimes be defeated by brute force attacks, like drilling out the cores—picking requires more skill and time. Wafer locks, often used in automobile doors, are considered the least secure; they’re one of the easiest types to pick.

Using Your Bike Lock
Along with the type of lock, technique matters. Start by making sure the most valuable parts—the frame, rear wheel, and the front wheel—are secure. Weave the lock through these parts when possible, locking the wheels to the frame, as well as a stationary object that they cannot be lifted over. So, no parking meters or sign posts less than 8 feet tall—also no trees small enough to be cut through. In high-risk areas, consider two locks if one won’t secure both wheels to the frame. Be sure to pick a well-lit location if your bike will be locked into the evening or overnight. And lastly, record your bike’s serial number and register it with your local police.

How We Evaluated
I’ve used several bike locks on this list for commuting and travel purposes, though I tend to store my bikes inside overnight, much to the chagrin of my roommates. Some of the recommended models were vetted by the Popular Mechanics gear team, which involves weighing them, examining their mechanisms, cutting and destroying some, and using them to lock their own bikes. Other selections were thoroughly evaluated based on their posted specifications: material, core and shackle construction, weight, and the relationship among all that. Experts like LockPickingLawyer provided insight to the “pickability” of various locks. I also talked to plenty of my former bike shop coworkers, as well as some campus commuters at Penn State University, about their personal picks and what has worked best for them. Among the various styles and models below, there’s a bike lock that’s right for you.
“Kryptonite is king,” says bike shop manager Grant Corman. The company stands behind its New-U lock with a guarantee to replace your bike, up to $4,000 in value, if it’s stolen because the lock is compromised. The shackle, that’s the “U” part of the lock, is 16-millimeter hardened steel, notched on each end to work with the unit’s double dead bolt. This makes it less susceptible to twisting attacks and forces thieves with angle grinders to cut through it twice. The New-U comes with a nylon bracket that provides some flexibility for frame mounting and keeps the water bottle mounts free for cages. The lock relies on friction to remain seated in the mount, which has garnered mixed reviews on how well it holds up over time.

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