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Alfred and Wi-Charge Deliver the First Wirelessly-Charged Smart Locks
2022年12月21日 12:56:53

Alfred and Wi-Charge Deliver the First Wirelessly-Charged Smart Locks

Alfred International Inc., the smart lock innovator with class-leading designs and flexibility, and Wi-Charge, the leader in long-range wireless power solutions, today announced that the first over-the-air wirelessly charged smart locks are now generally available to commercial real estate developers in the United States and Canada. Alfred ML2 smart mortise locks with wireless power options are setting a new standard for safety, security, and automation in commercial and residential markets. The locks have been validated after rigorous internal testing and live pilot installations.To get more news about lock manufacturer, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

Alfred International Inc. is an innovator in residential and commercial grade smart door locks with a foundational focus on security, design, and aesthetics. The Alfred ML2 is designed for high-end homes, apartments, condominiums, and commercial and vacation rental properties. The patented design delivers unparalleled installation flexibility as the ML2 is retrofittable to most North American style mechanical mortise lock chassis. This avoids a costly lock or door replacement and greatly reduces the time to install while providing building owners and tenants with an immediate upgrade to a cloud-connected lock perpetually powered. The focus on flexibility continues inside with standard Bluetooth, RFID, and Pin Code access and optional Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Z-Wave connectivity. Users can manage access to their locks remotely through the free Alfred Home app or through one of Alfred's many integration partners or compatible smart home hubs. Now with Wi-Charge wireless charging options, this can all be achieved without ever worrying about dead batteries or the costs, logistics, and environmental concerns associated with locks that require ongoing battery replacements.

The Alfred ML2 is the first smart lock that's powered wirelessly by Wi-Charge's breakthrough over-the-air wireless charging solution. Wi-Charge over-the-air charging technology can charge devices in a 30-foot range, extending the value and capabilities of smart home devices. It eliminates the complexities and inconvenience of cables and batteries to give product developers free rein to design a new generation of mobile and smart devices and end-users the freedom they crave from hassle-free devices. Wi-Charge systems and devices are already deployed in multiple commercial venues in the United States, Canada, Israel, and around the world.


"As the leading innovator in the smart lock market, Alfred continues to set the standard for the industry by delivering the exact capabilities that put end users and property managers first," said Ori Mor, Co-Founder, and Chief Business Officer, Wi-Charge. "With over-the-air wireless charging, users can now take advantage of all of the amazing capabilities in the Alfred smart lock to ensure ultimate home safety and individual access without worrying about their smart lock running out of power or getting locked out because of a dead battery. Wi-Charge's partnership with Alfred has been an invaluable and rewarding experience for both companies, and we are excited to further collaborate with their team of professionals as they redefine what is possible with smart locks."
"One of the most important criteria for property owners and developers when choosing a smart lock is its battery life," said Brad Cook, Head of Product and Integrations, Alfred International Inc.. "With users' expectations continuing to grow for advanced features such ubiquitous connectivity and individual activity tracking, power management is often the most difficult design limitation to overcome. Wi-Charge's revolutionary wireless power technology and expert team are empowering Alfred with a proven and unmatched solution and new design possibilities to address these challenges in completely new ways and deliver smart locks that exceed anyone's expectations. The launch of the new Alfred ML2 Smart Lock is a giant leap forward for our company and the smart lock industry."

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