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Best Sex Toys For Couples To Increase Connection And Pleasure
2022年12月21日 15:04:29

Best Sex Toys For Couples To Increase Connection And Pleasure

Having a partner certainly does not mean you will have monotonous sex. Breaking out of your comfort zone can be an exciting way to spice up your sex life and can make you feel more connected and close to one another.To get more news about Realistic Butts, you can visit pinkkittytoys.com official website.

Whether you are a couple in a long-distance relationship looking for exciting ways to stay intimate or are looking to freshen up things in the bedroom - we have selected the best sex toys for couples with the expert advice from Annabelle Knight, sex and relationship editor at sexual wellness brand Lovehoney.Annabelle says: "The best advice I can give to couples thinking of trying out sex toys is to talk about it first. Work out what excites you both and what might make your sex life more exhilarating. Be honest with each other and establish just what is working for you and what is not."

If you feel a bit nervous about initiating adding sex toys to your sex life. Start off small with a bullet vibrator or Lovehoney's Tease Finger Vibrator. It will add mounts of pleasure and will not be too intimidating. However, if you are a seasoned toy user, then let your fantasies run wild and share your different ideas with your partner.

Annabelle says 'It's a fact that around three-quarters of women struggle to orgasm through intercourse alone.' So if that sounds like you as a couple, you can do lot to improve that figure and ensure that you are having a shared orgasm together during lovemaking.

'Upping the foreplay and experimenting with new techniques is the best way to close that orgasm gap and ensure you BOTH enjoy sex together. One simple step you can take is to invest in some lubricant. It is a myth that lube is only for women who struggle to self-lubricate, particularly older women.'Lube is great for couples of all ages, and sex is so much better when it is slippery, particularly if your partner can go on for a long time and create friction and soreness.'

So, let's take a look at the best sex toys for couples that are perfect as Valentine's Day gifts for men and women. Annabelle has provided us with some exclusive expert picks of some from Lovehoney below. Plus, Grazia has included some from Ann Summers, Coco de Mer and Etsy, so you can start experimenting.

Annabelle says that all of her recommendations are fun to use as a couple. 'Some are designed to be used together, whereas others are even more fun when you get your partner to use the toy on you.'
Best couple's sex toy for long-distanceAnnabelle Knight, sex and relationship expert for sexual wellness brand Lovehoney, said: "This lets you share mind-blowing vibrations during sex. Ideal for a heterosexual couple looking to harmonise their pleasure and play in new, intimate ways. The innovative squeeze remote matches the vibration intensity to the strength of your grip. Use with the free We-Connect App for long-distance play no matter the distance between you."FeaturesAllergens: Latex-free, Phthalate-FreeVibration speed: Speeds and patternsMaterial: SiliconeApp-Controlled and remote-controlledExtra powerful and extra quietWaterproof: SubmersibleLength: 3.5 inches

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